Patient Registration

New patients to the practice will be directed to establish a patient portal within our practice management software, Curve Hero. Once your appointment has been made with our patient coordinator, you will be sent an invitation to create a patient portal specifically for you only on a secure cloud based account. Here you will find all of the necessary “Welcome to the Practice” paperwork which can be filled out on-line in the portal. Patients may also manage their appointment times and make payments through the portal.

Should you need any assistance establishing or using the patient portal, please call the patient coordinator.  

Patient Portal Access

  • The patient will receive an email from our office to access the Patient Portal. Within the body of the email, the patient will be able to click on the option ‘Log Me In’.
  • The patient will receive a screen that asks them to verify their identity. The email address is locked down at this point and the patient will be required to enter their birth date and zip code.
    NOTE… This information should be pulled from whoever was selected to receive the email. If the email is sent to the RP then it will be the RP’s information.
  • The patient will also need to enter a password. The password must be 8 characters long, contain 1 capitalized letter, a number and a special character (!@#$%^&*+=).
  • The patient will need to retype the password in the verify password field.
  • Once complete, the patient can click on ‘submit’.

The login screen will appear asking for the username (unique email address) and password. The patient will need to enter the information. Once that is entered, the portal will appear.


Once the patient has completed the initial steps for setting up the patient portal login, the patient can access the portal at any time.

  • Using the Google Chrome browser, the patient will need to enter the following:
  • The patient will then need to enter the username and password previously created.
  • The user will have 3 tries to enter the proper username and password before the account will be locked. To unlock the account, the patient will need to click on reset your password link at the top of the login page. The user will be taken to the Forgot Password page to reset the password.

Note: The patient portal can be accessed from devices such as a phone, tablet, iPad, etc.